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“Haiti rebuilds one village
at a time”

Our world is home to more than 200 countries. Among them, one that is practically at our doorstep has had its fair share of obstacles to overcome. It is a country with extraordinary potential, a rich cultural heritage and a proud and resilient people asking for just one thing: a chance to live with dignity and gain financial independence.

KANPE was born of a desire to play an integral part in the fight to help Haiti break free from a vicious cycle of poverty.

By focusing on the development of the most vulnerable communities and families, KANPE seeks to put an end to the cycle of poverty by encouraging financial independence, thus enabling every person to live healthy and with dignity.

KANPE is combining its expertise with that of other organizations that have proven themselves in the field, such as Partners in Health (Zanmi Lasanté), which specializes in free healthcare for the underprivileged, and Fonkoze, which is dedicated to helping impoverished families achieve financial independence. KANPE is pooling its efforts with its partners’ to create a new comprehensive program designed to assist and support Haitian society’s most vulnerable populations in their fight for a better future.

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