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The KANPE approach means contributing to Haiti’s reconstruction, one village at a time. We chose Thomonde to be the first. We already know that in the years to come, our actions will extend to other villages like Boucan Carré, Lascahobas, Petite Rivière, Belladere and Cerca La Source.

Thomonde’s population is currently 40,000, 38% of which is under 14 years old. This rural village is experiencing extreme poverty and several of its inhabitants suffer from severe illnesses. This dire situation has been made even worse by the influx of many families displaced after the January12, 2010 earthquake.

The needs of the region of Thomonde

Health care needs

Local authorities report that 200 people in the community of Thomonde require basic health care services and medication each day.

In 2008, clinicians in the area reported 258,000 patient encounters through the local clinic and mobile clinics.

The population of Thomonde needs 185 essential medicines such as antibiotics, anti-parasitics, vitamins, ophthalmological products and intravenous fluids.

In addition, there are 433 HIV-positive reported patients in the area and only 241 are currently on antiretroviral treatment.  

Food programs needs

In 2009, approximately 2,000 children were reported as suffering from malnutrition in Thomonde.  25% of these children were suffering from moderate malnutrition and 15% severe malnutrition.  Following the January 12th earthquake, the need to fight malnutrition among the population of Thomonde has increased significantly.

Education and literacy needs

There are 1,200 students in Thomonde attending one of the six schools in the area.  Beyond the needs for renovations, refurbishments, and furniture such as desks and other school supplies, there are 57 woefully underpaid schoolteachers living in the area.  Following the January 12th earthquake, the needs in that area have increased significantly.

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