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"Financial autonomy is an essential condition in the development of Haitian families."

KANPE for financial stability

KANPE identifies the most vulnerable families in a community and invites them to join an 18-month program designed to help them lift themselves out of poverty. During that period they take a series of training courses that provide them the necessary tools to develop financial autonomy.

The program includes courses in literacy, income planning and family resource management.

This program is offered through mentorship with each family.

At the end of the program, the families become enabled to gain self-sufficient sources of income, and they are in a position to access a program supervised by the local micro-financing services from Fonkoze.

In doing so, they become able to participate in the local economy and in the country’s sustainable recovery at the same time.

KANPE for gainful agricultural activities

KANPE sees agriculture not only as a source of nourishment but also as a gainful occupation. In this manner, a portion of the harvest that would serve to nourish the families can be sold at marketplace, which enables these families to gain a primary source of income. KANPE sees to it that the families it serves receive training to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for animal husbandry and small farming business creation.

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