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“In the vicious circle of poverty, one of the biggest causes of disease stems from inadequate housing. For example, people exposed to weather conditions, animals or insects run a much higher risk of falling ill, which makes families incapable of providing for their needs and further perpetuates the cycle of poverty.”

KANPE for safe housing

To optimize the impact of the programs offered, families must be able to develop in a safe environment sheltered from weather conditions and other factors that may threaten their safety, bodily security and health. KANPE provides the most destitute families with solid and secure housing.

KANPE for sustainable housing and a healthy environment

KANPE’s objective is to ensure that the action taken within its program has sustainable effects. Families who receive housing as part of our programs also receive training to allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain their house in the long term.

KANPE also provides latrines and expertise in environmental urban development and waste management.

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