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“Hunger and malnutrition are both a major cause of disease and a major obstacle to effective treatment and economic stability in Haitian communities. Hunger weakens bodies and immune systems and greatly increases one’s likelihood of falling ill with or dying from many common infectious diseases. Food is also an essential medicine for treatment, particularly for children and for patients suffering from consumptive diseases. In addition, providing a reliable daily meal to children has increased school attendance significantly and improved the attention span and performance of children in the classroom.

KANPE for nutrition

In its major effort of providing integrated services to local communities, KANPE will identify malnourished families among the most vulnerable families and ensure that they receive the appropriate treatment.

Malnourished children will be treated by using a locally manufactured therapeutic food called Nourimanba, a peanut butter-based “Ready to Use Therapeutic Food” that provides 100% of the daily nutritional requirements for protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for malnourished children. KANPE will ensure its distribution.

For children who are moderately malnourished or transitioning, KANPE will provide locally a produce mixture of milled grain and vegetables called Nourimil.

KANPE will support these programs whose benefits are significant and yet the cost minimal – just 27 cents per child per school day.

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