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The KANPE program involves assisting vulnerable families for an 18-month period, in order to empower them sustainably to escape the poverty cycle. Through strategic partnerships with reputable organizations such as Partners in Health and Fonkoze, the KANPE program integrates community services, so that all factors contributing to poverty are addressed in tandem and are properly coordinated.

Clear-cut steps have been established to enable us to meet this objective:

First, KANPE identifies a village in rural Haiti.

Then, KANPE brings together community counselors from both Partners in Health and Fonkoze for a joint skills-sharing session focusing on the detection of symptoms and the identification of shortcomings in essential services within each home in that village.

Following the training session, counselors are then able to identify the families in greatest need and invite them to participate in the program. In other words:

  • families with malnourished children;
  • families whose children are not attending school;
  • Families who are unable to provide for themselves for reason of illness and disease;
  • families in which the parents have no source of income, and for whom there is very little hope.

By assigning a counselor to provide support, training, knowledge-sharing and ongoing monitoring through bi-weekly visits to each family in the program, KANPE works closely each step of the way:

  •  KANPE ensures malnourished children are incorporated into nutritional program to allow them to regain their health;

  • KANPE distributes seeds, fertilizer and farm animals to each family (goats and hens) to help them feed themselves independently. The products generated by the livestock and grown from the seeds can potentially serve as a primary source of income, which would allow the family to enjoy better living conditions and have their first chance at saving money.
  • KANPE connects children with schools and provides families the means of send them;
  • KANPE facilitates access to healthcare, medication, and health education.

Each step in the KANPE program includes, education and training, tool for generating financial independence, and ongoing support for emotional and physical health throughout the entire process.

At the end of the 18-month period, the knowledge and skills passed on to these families will enable them to benefit from their agricultural resources in a sustainable manner, identify any possibility of opening a small business to generate an income, manage their savings and gain access to micro credit with Fonkoze.

By following each of these steps closely, KANPE will give the poorest families tangible means of escaping the cycle of poverty and develop skills that will help them generate a primary source of income and thereby become financially independent.

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