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Air Canada Foundation sent employees in Baille Tourible

December 19, 2012

From November 27 to December 11, 2012, Baille Tourible hosted four employees of Air Canada, selected by the Air Canada Foundation. Michelle, Christine, Debbie and Daniel gave two weeks of their time to projects in the area. In addition to participating in the construction of the school and the road, they took part in sports and creative activities with local youth. Their level of commitment to our cause is so inspiring! Here is the living image of these employees Baille Tourible.

On their first day of work, visitors participated in the construction of a small community school. Alongside local workers, they helped construct the concrete floor of the Coral School:

From left to right, between the two local workers: Christine, Michelle, Daniel and Debbie.

The next day, they assisted in the construction of 15 wooden benches for the school:


Then the Air Canada employees began the work of separating classrooms by installing partitions:

The four employees were also involved in the installation of street lights in the community (a gift from the Air Canada Foundation). This was a true community project that demanded the assistance of the local population. Today, the village can take pride in the installation of these lamps on its territory.



Air Canada employees then returned to the small school for painting steel beams and new pictures. Here is their latest work:

During their stay, guests Air Canada had the opportunity to get a taste of life in Baille Tourible. They, among others, attended football championships, an initiative of the Local Organization and RAMICOB KANPE. They took the opportunity to distribute t-shirts for team members.

Visitors also attended church services in the Catholic Church Baille Tourible where they taught the children to make some small handicrafts. Finally, they had the chance to meet twenty families from our family support program, with their guides Termil and Hilaire. In short, it was a memorable and enriching trip that both the Air Canada employees and the local inhabitants greatly appreciated!

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